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Doctor, My Doctor
Hey all! Long time no news, eh? Hahah. I know, I know... Lame intro right?

Anyways, how's everyone? I hope everyone's been fine. The second movie has started filming and I will try to compile all the news I can get as soon as I am able.

This post is actually to promote the spankin' new Star Trek Into Darkness Kink meme! It is still in its' infancy, but it looks poised to be awesome. Go and check their prompts, read the fills and leave your support for the authors (anon or not). Look at the luuuuuuurvlie banner that they have.

I hope RL is treating everyone well, so until next time!

TASM Sequel Announced!
andrew garfield, TASM
So hello all! It's been a couple of months since the comm was updated, but HELLO.

Anyways, TASM sequel has just been announced. Andrew and Emma will both be back to reprise their roles of Peter and Gwen respectively. The tentative release has been scheduled for May 2014. Production is expected to commence around the first half of 2013. Bear in mind, this is not written in stone. Things may change, so cross your fingers (and your toes) and hope that everything will be smooth sailing for all that is involved with the project.

More information can be found over at

Also, keep those fills/prompts coming!

Comm updates
andrew garfield, TASM
Hello everyone! So I've got a few updates here, and then I'll be out of your way. (Cyber-ly. In the internets... Oh! You get what I mean!)

1. We've found another soul to join our not-so-secret-band-of-nuts. Though we're less of nuts and more of not nuts? :D Anyways, please welcome our new co-mod(master/mistress of the world), emmyxogast! *happy dolphin sounds* Any questions, if you can't find me, can be directed to either emmyxogast or adrian_chan.

2. We've recently become affiliated with other memes and comms. Our list thus far includes:

If there are any other comms or memes who'd like to affiliate with us, do drop us a line! We're always open to new friends.

3. The comm's been getting up slow. This is some really shameless plugging, but could everyone just work on getting word out about the comm? We've got some really awesome prompts and some fills, but I'd really like to see the comm be... busier? Shameless plugging. Yes. I will return to the caves whence I'd cometh from now.

Anyways, hope everyone has had a great week thus far and I hope that everyone is having a great time!

An Anouncement
andrew garfield, TASM
Hello everyone! Just popping in to tell everyone that adrian_chan is now the co-mod of this comm. *seal claps* We're both pretty 'green' with all things admin and running of comms/kink memes, so if anyone still wants to help out, we're still looking for one more member to join our car of crazies Ahem. As I was saying, we're looking for one more soul to ensnare :D

Also, membership for the comm is open for all. But if things get a little sticky, as in if people start getting rude and disrespectful, I'm going to close the membership for the comm alright?

Am loving the prompts in Round 1. Keep 'em coming! Please do remember to specify the pairings in the subject line. I cannot stress that enough.

Round 1
andrew garfield, TASM
Please read the rules before prompting.

This round will close at 5000 comments.

Prompt Formatting:
Alphabetize your prompts because they will be archived that way.
Put [RPF] before all RPF prompts
Put [Crossover] before all crossover prompts
Please put the pairing and the gist of the prompt. For example, Curt/Peter, mentor-student relationship

When Filling:
Please remember put [FILL] in the subject line of all fills. We cannot stress this enough.
Put [WIP] for all works still in progress
i.e. [Fill] Gwen/Peter, a day at the beach

All fills must be linked to the Fills post. This is for archival purposes and also to make sure that your fill does not get lost in the flood of new fills and prompts.


Have fun!

andrew garfield, TASM
Welcome to the kink meme for The Amazing Spider Man. The rules are simple and if you've been around all the other Marvel related kink memes, you might have seen them around.

  • Please be civil and respectful toward one another. There is a zero tolerance policy for prompts and/or comments that contain personal attacks or hate speech.
  • Similarly, there is also a zero tolerance policy for disrespecting characters, pairings, or kinks. Prompts that contain character/pairing-bashing will be deleted. YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink) is in full effect here.
  • Also, if you see anyone who breaks the rules (thread or comments) please alert the mods at the Ask A-Mod post . Don't take matters into your own hands.
  • Anonymous commenting is enabled, IP logging is disabled, and I have turned off the spamblocker feature, so no one will have to worry about their prompts/comments getting lost. But going anon is ultimately, your choice.
  • If the thread is getting all sideways and hard to read, it is recommended you start anew for the conveniences of others.
  • Keep the chatter on comments to a minimum. Please direct any/all comments not related to prompts/fills to the Discussion Post .

  • One prompt per comment.
  • Remember the subject line. This is very important for archival purposes.You can refer below as to how you can format your subject line.
  • Please include trigger warnings in subject lines. Again with the YKINMK. Some things may be offensive to others, what may not be to you. You must warn for: non-con/rape, dub-con, self-harm, suicide, graphic violence, abuse, character death, eating disorders, torture, incest, racism, slavery, homophobia, bullying, ableism, transphobia, misogyny, and underage. (If there is a trigger that you think should be added to this list, please let me know and I will add it.)
  • Prompts can be filled as many times as you'd like. It doesn't mean that if the prompt has been already filled, you should tuck your fill away. We want to get as many fills as we can get.
  • Please refrain from reposting prompts from earlier rounds. Prompts that are similar to earlier prompts are fine as long as there are noticeable differences in the details/plot/kinks that the OP wants.
  • Crossposting is fine. Just as long as you've cleared it with the OP/are the OP and have already cleared it with the filler.
  • If the prompt doesn't contain a prompt (i.e. There needs to be more fics on Andrews ass!) they will be deleted. No excuses.
  • Prompting runs in rounds. Right now, the plan is to have the rounds reach their limit by 5000 comments. Once a round 'closes', it merely means that no new prompts are allowed. Stuff like feedbacks, +1, and fills are.

  • Put [FILL] in the subject line.
  • Fills can be anything: fics, art, fanmixes, etc.
  • Fills must be posted publicly. Do not link to a locked entry. Multiple infractions of this rule will result in a ban from the meme.
  • Link to images/NSFW images. Do not embed them. We don't want people to get into trouble, right?
  • Prompts can be filled multiple times. No limits, so go crazy!
  • Warn for triggers.
  • Please link your fills to the Fills post.

Formatting Prompts
  • Alphabetize pairings.
  • Anyone who's been featured prominently in the Spider man universe -- allies and villains alike, in comics, cartoons, or movies -- is allowed.
  • Put [RPF] before RPF prompts. Put [Crossover] before crossover prompts.
  • Please use this format: Gwen/Peter Picnic in the park ; Ben/Peter, AU, Ben catches Peter getting himself into fight cages [SUICIDAL THOUGHTS] Prompt subject lines must include the gist of the prompt, not just the pairing.
  • If you just want to prompt and you don't care what characters are used, slot "Any" in. This can also be used in a pairing context – Any/Peter.
  • Names to be used when prompting are:


All in all, we just want you guys to have fun! Enjoy!

andrew garfield, TASM
When posting your fill, please put the pairing and gist of the prompt (ex: Ben/May, fluff) in the subject line. Any triggers should also be in the subject line. Spoilers must be warned for in bold.

Only one prompt per comment. Do not post multiple prompts in one comment.

You can format your prompts this way:

Fill: <a href="LINK TO THE FILL">Optional: TITLE OF THE FILL</a>

If your work is a WIP, please indicate so with a [WIP] on the subject line. Any updates on your work must be posted as a comment as part of the original comment.

Ask A-Mod
andrew garfield, TASM
Any grievances? Questions? Pondering? Direct them here.

Discussion Post
andrew garfield, TASM
Wanna chat up new friends? Catch up with old ones? This is the place to be!


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